BEDR Ecosystem

The BEDR ecosystem allows all participants to become investors and investment creators.

Investment creators here refer to investment experts who can form investor groups for investment consulting and indirect investments.

In other words, the two axes that drive the BEDR ecosystem are investors and investment creators.

Invest Creator is a different concept from a fund manager belonging to an investment trust company that distributes profits by investing in securities, real estate, etc. on behalf of investors in traditional finance.

Anyone can become an investment creator through a peer-to-peer method without a centralized organization, and by opening the investment product structure you have created on the platform, interested investors can construct the same portfolio.

“The BEDR ecosystem is a blockchain-based inequality rating society”

The BEDR ecosystem is, ironically, an unequal society with unequal ratings for all participants.

However, grades are formed through a thorough data-based algorithm, not based on family or broad human relationships that form the existing class society.

In other words, in the formation of grades, there is equality in which fair opportunities are given to all participants, which are automatically determined by smart contracts without any external pressure based on ecosystem activity big data with blockchain-based transparency and reliability.

All investment consulting and brokerage activities in the BEDR ecosystem can be tracked through the xBEDR protocol, and the corresponding transaction log records are recorded on the blockchain to operate a ‘blockchain-based decentralized membership rating system’ in which the rating is automatically improved.

① BEDR Prime Member

In order to become a member of the BEDR ecosystem, you must basically stake a certain amount of BEDR tokens for the development of the ecosystem.

However, in addition to staking assets, you can also improve your rating through various ecosystem activities. For example, many opportunities are provided, such as conducting investment brokerage products, participating in the investment community, working as an investment creator, and participating in investment verification voting.

② BEDR Investment Creator

The core of the BEDR ecosystem is investment creators. As a professional investor among many ecosystem participants, we help participants make wise investments for the development and maintenance of the ecosystem and provide necessary financial resources to support the ecosystem through fees.

In order to become an investment creator, you must directly participate in the investment product, and all performance results from the investment progress are opened as chart graphics on the investment brokerage web service so that all interested participants can view them.

However, personal information is not opened, only information based on BEDR Parent Key is opened. 

As a result, investment creators also have ratings, and the ratings are formed through the ‘Expert Certification System’, so popular, high-tier investment creators can operate globally and earn high profits.

③ BEDR Foundation

The foundation plays a role in establishing and disseminating policies for the smooth development and operation of the BEDR ecosystem. Here, the right policy refers to a policy or policy that increases the value of the BEDR ecosystem and promotes a participation ecosystem.

Foundation steering committee members are voted on from among top-tier investors and investment creators.

The important point is that we are not involved in any investment product brokerage and we achieve decentralization of investment brokerage by allowing minimal intervention for resolution at the investment verification voting stage.

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