BEDR Management team

Lee Jong kuk  

Chief Operation Officer

COO: BEDR FOUNDATION  Jan 2018 - Present

President: AP SYSTEMS: Sep 2010 - Dec 2017

CEO: MichelleWonHoldings , CORP. Aug. 2022 - Present

Choi Hyun jin  

CIO : MichelleWonHoldings Information Strategy & ICT Manager, 2022.4~Present

Experienced Computing science & ICT strategy establishment

Jung Bo kyung  

CMO : Global Marketing director  Mar 2022 - Present

CEO : Webconut, Inc. 2021.10 ~ Present

Experienced UI/UX, Marketing Virtual Assets Market


General person in charge of overseas operations:

Responsible for overall communication between the project and the team, docking market demand, formulating feasible plans and supervising the implementation of various departments. Responsible for media business, listing plan, and market making and marketing of virtual asset issuance.


Event operation: Experienced blockchain marketing experts, develop feasible event plans based on project progress, project PR draft, AMA draft, official announcement, public relations copy, white paper framework and all copywriting cooperation work.


Well-known NFT project Karafuru Team Lead, GMT+3, previously engaged in community operations, CM, consultant, one year of Space host experience, 8 years of Crypto experience, worked for more than 50 projects, led more than 20 project sales, and 300+ NFT project parties keep in touch, the language is English, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian.

Ambar Rahayu  

Global Marketing Director (Indonesia)

Jakarta, Indonesia

CEO : BEDR Global Exchange Indonesia, since Jun 2021 - Present

Rani Sulistyowati  

Global Marketing & Sales Director (Indonesia)

Jakarta, Indonesia

Vice President of: BEDR Global Exchange Indonesia, since Jun 2021 - Present


Well-known Internet, securities company work experience, London art consumer brand Cheerio co-founder, 4 years of crypto investment experience and domestic charity fund crypto field consultant, participated in the operation and maintenance of multiple NFT communities, as well as offline community activities. He has a lot of experience in the organizational structure and operation of the community. The language is Chinese, English.


She is majoring in visual communication design, has a solid design foundation, and has a lot of creativity and ideas. Proficient in various graphic design software and has extensive experience in producing promotional materials. Participated in and won ICAD awards many times. He also has some experience in community operations. The language is Chinese, English.

David Singh  

UX/UI Designer

Experienced Software Engineer, Ph.D. Thrives on open-ended challenges, and experienced cryptocurrency design engineer since Oct 2016

Senior Research Scientist: July 2014 - Jun 2016

Ph D. Computer Science 2009 - Jun 2014

Richard Mariani  

Cyber Security Engineer

San Jose, Bay Area

Experienced cyber security engineer for cryptocurrency since Jun 2015

Ph D. Computer Science 2010 - Jun 2015

Isaac Franco  

Customer Support Specialist / Web Designer

Southern California

Experienced Technical Marketing and Web Designer

Computer Science / BSEE 1990 - Jun 1995

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