BEDR Token Economy

For the smooth maintenance and development of the BEDR ecosystem,

it consists of two types of ERC 20 series tokens.

BEDR Token

BEDR tokens are ERC-20 tokens, and a total of 1 billion have been issued.

If you stake a certain amount of governance tokens on the BEDR platform, you will be eligible for membership, and sales profits from platform operation will be distributed according to the staking amount.

BEDR tokens are scheduled to be listed on external exchanges to have the same rights and role as the key currency for asset investment brokerage certified by the DEBR platform as they are used as the key currency in existing CeFi and DeFi platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

BEDR tokens have the following rights in the BEDR ecosystem

(hereinafter referred to as “Ecosystem”) in addition to membership rights.

Governance Voting

BEDR tokens empower users with governance voting rights, granting decision-making authority in crypto bank strategy and direction. Each BEDR token equals one vote, ensuring a fair and inclusive decision-making process within the BEDR ecosystem.

Membership Qualification Level

BEDR tokens introduce a tiered system based on staking amounts, unlocking various services and benefits. Users progress through tiers, gaining exclusive advantages from dedicated exchanges and communities, providing a clear path for users to optimize their engagement within the ecosystem.

Verification Game Deposit

BEDR tokens play a vital role in the Verification Game, requiring a registration deposit for investment information and a participation deposit for the verification game. These deposits contribute to maintaining the reliability of investment information and fostering a trustworthy ecosystem.

xBEDR Token

The xBEDR token is an ERC-20 series token, and the base currency, wBEDR token, and is a stable token with no price volatility. Additionally, it is an internal utility token that can be issued additionally when demand for various peg tokens arises. 

When a crypto bank user requests virtual asset investment brokerage, they will be given an xBEDR token as a token to verify the investment of the corresponding virtual asset. 

Here, ‘x’ refers to the base currency for evaluating the value of investment product assets on an exchange or DeFi platform, and is pegged to the corresponding convertible currency or cryptocurrency and fluctuates at the same value.

The xBEDR exchange rate is stored in the data included in the BEDR child key,

and then xBEDR token transactions according to the increase or decrease in return are tracked and the corresponding log is recorded.

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