① Description of exemption from liability in this white paper

You must be closely aware of the contents of this white paper in order to clarify uncertainties and ambiguities in legal and financial issues directly or indirectly related to the contents of this white paper and avoid unnecessary difficulties, disputes and legal actions in the future.

If you have any uncertainties when making any decision or taking any action related to this white paper, you should seek consulting from a qualified expert.

BEDR, as defined and explained in this white paper, is not classified as a security in any legal jurisdiction. This white paper is not a prospectus or sales proposal of any kind, and is not intended to attract securities or attract investment in any legal jurisdiction.

This white paper does not solicit or sell BEDR, and you should not use this white paper as a legal basis or rely on it in connection with any future BEDR-related transactions, contracts, or investments.

Based on this white paper, no one is obligated to enter into any legal contract with respect to the sale, purchase or donation of BEDR, and no one may make or receive payments in crypto-currency or any other currency based on this white paper.

In relation to your contract with the BEDR Foundation for the sale, purchase and donation of BEDR, or any other contract, the terms and content of the specific contract will be defined in a separate document and is unrelated to this white paper. In case of any inconsistency between that agreement and this white paper, the former shall prevail.

You are not eligible to purchase BEDR if you are a national or resident of a country that considers public offerings of cryptocurrencies as securities transactions.

You should evaluate BEDR and the BEDR Foundation on your own before making a purchase decision for BEDR and reach your own conclusion.

We would like to inform you that the white paper production team has made every effort to ensure the accuracy and fidelity of the contents of this white paper, and we do not recommend that you blindly rely on the contents of the white paper or make decisions without going through verification procedures.

② Denial of responsibility for losses

BEDR Foundation is not liable for any losses of any kind to you, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, regulations and rules, and in any case related to this White Paper. The loss includes financial or non-financial loss, which means a comprehensive loss including loss of revenue, income, profits, rights, reputation or data.

③ Your consent and warranty

By acknowledging the contents of all or part of this white paper and acknowledging its authenticity, you agree and warrant the following on behalf of the BEDR Foundation.

You agree and acknowledge that BEDR is not defined or classified as a security in any form in any legal jurisdiction.

This white paper is not a sales guide of any kind or a document recommending sales or donations. In addition, we do not recommend securities or donations or investment in securities in any legal jurisdiction, and you are not obligated to enter into any contract.

If you purchase BEDR, you acknowledge and agree that BEDR may not be interpreted, classified or treated as follows:

● Other types of currency other than Cryptocurrency

● Bonds or stocks issued by any individual or organization

● Such bonds or rights, options or derivatives on shares or other securities.

You specifically acknowledge that you are not eligible to purchase BEDR if you are a national or resident of a country that considers cryptocurrency trading as a securities transaction..If you wish to purchase BEDR, you are fully aware that there may be unexpected risks in future operations related to the business and operations and BEDR

You acknowledge and agree that BEDR Foundation is not liable for any financial or non-financial loss of any kind, including any loss of revenue, profits, data, or otherwise.

④ Absence of income or profit guarantee

There is no guarantee that the value of BEDR Coin tokens will continue to increase.

There is no guarantee that the price of BEDR Coin will not fall due to unexpected events, circumstances beyond the developer's control, or force majeure.

⑤ Related risks

BEDR Coin is issued on blockchain. Therefore, BEDR Coin's trading network may not function as expected due to errors or malfunctions in the protocol.

⑥ Regulatory uncertainty

Blockchain technology is managed and controlled by various regulatory entities around the world.

BEDR Coin may be subject to one or more requests or actions, including but not limited to restrictions on the use or ownership of digital assets such as BEDR Coin, which may slow or limit the functionality or redemption of BEDR Coin in the future.

⑦ Quantum computer

Technological innovations, such as the development of quantum computers, may place cryptocurrencies, including BEDR Coin, at risk.

⑧ Risk of loss of funds

Funds raised through fundraising are not protected by insurance. There is no personal or official insurance representative that the buyer can contact in case the funds are lost or lose value.

⑨ Risks of using new technology

BEDR Coin is a new, relatively untested technology.

In addition to the risks mentioned in this document, there are additional risks that the BEDR Platform team cannot predict.

These risks may appear in other forms not recorded here.

⑩ Crowd Investment

The BEDR platform disclaims all responsibility or liability with respect to obligations owed by crowd investing campaign founders to investors who purchased coins on the BEDR platform.

The BEDR platform is only an intermediary between campaign founders and their investors.

The function of the BEDR platform is only to transfer funds from investors to founders and transfer crowd investing campaign founders' tokens to investors. BEDR does not endorse the claims of the campaign founders.

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