WWP Roadmap

YEAR 2024


Launch of the WWP platform and initial fundraising campaign. 

This phase will focus on building the WWP platform, 

establishing partnerships, and launching the first fundraising campaign 

to support initial water projects.


Start of well construction projects in selected regions. 

The first water projects will be implemented in areas identified as high priority, 

with a focus on building and maintaining wells and water purification systems.


Introduction of NFT commemorative tokens for donors. 

Donors will receive unique NFTs representing their contributions, 

fostering a sense of ownership and engagement.


Expansion of projects to additional regions and scaling of operations. 

WWP will expand its reach to additional regions in need, 

scaling operations to maximize impact.

YEAR 2025

Continuous improvement and expansion, 

with regular updates to stakeholders and donors. 

WWP will continuously monitor and evaluate its projects, 

implementing improvements and expanding its efforts to address global water scarcity.

Detailed Milestones

YEAR 2024


Platform Development

Complete the development of the WWP platform, ensuring it is user-friendly and secure.

Partnership Building

Establish partnerships with NGOs, local governments, 

and private companies to support project implementation.

Fundraising Campaign

Launch the initial fundraising campaign to attract donors and raise funds for the first water projects.


Project Implementation

Begin the construction of wells and water purification systems in selected regions.

Community Engagement

Work with local communities to ensure their involvement and support for the projects.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Implement monitoring systems to track the progress and impact of the projects.


NFT Launch

Introduce NFT commemorative tokens for donors, providing them with unique digital assets representing their contributions.

Marketing Campaigns

Launch targeted marketing campaigns to promote the NFT initiative and attract more donors.

Partnership Expansion

Continue to build partnerships with additional organizations 

and influencers to support WWP's mission.


Project Expansion

Identify additional regions in need and expand the reach of WWP's projects.

Scaling Operations

Scale operations to support the increased number of projects,

 ensuring efficient and effective implementation.

Community Feedback

Gather feedback from beneficiaries and donors to 

improve the program and address any challenges.

YEAR 2025

Continuous Improvement

Continuously monitor and evaluate projects, implementing improvements to maximize impact.

Regular Updates

Provide regular updates to stakeholders and donors 

about the progress and impact of WWP's projects.

Global Expansion

Expand WWP's efforts to address water scarcity in additional countries 

and regions, leveraging the success of initial projects to attract more support.

WWP's roadmap outlines a clear and strategic plan for achieving its mission of providing clean water to those in need. By setting specific milestones and continuously evaluating progress, WWP aims to make a significant and lasting impact on global water scarcity.

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