Core Technology

WWP leverages three main blockchain technologies :


Facilitates decentralized financial transactions, reducing costs and increasing transparency. DeFi platforms enable WWP to raise funds through innovative mechanisms such as staking and liquidity mining, attracting a broader range of donors and providing them with additional incentives to contribute.


Used to commemorate 

donor contributions and 

specific projects, providing 

a permanent record on the blockchain. NFTs serve as digital collectibles that represent each donor's contribution, creating a sense of ownership and engagement.

BitBEDR Token

An ERC-20 token used for donations and transactions within the WWP ecosystem. The BitBEDR token serves as the primary means of exchange within the WWP ecosystem, facilitating seamless transactions and incentivizing donor participation.

Advantages of Blockchain Technology


All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, 

providing an immutable ledger accessible to all stakeholders. 

This transparency ensures that donors can see exactly how their contributions are being used, building trust and encouraging more substantial donations.


Decentralized and encrypted data storage ensures the security of financial 

and personal information. Blockchain technology provides robust security features 

that protect against fraud, hacking, and data breaches.


Automated smart contracts streamline the process of fund allocation and project management, reducing administrative overhead. Smart contracts execute transactions automatically 

when predefined conditions are met, ensuring timely and accurate fund distribution.

Detailed Use of Technologies


Utilizing decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to facilitate the trading of BitBEDR tokens. 

Implementing liquidity pools to provide liquidity for BitBEDR tokens 

and incentivize donors through liquidity mining rewards.


Creating unique NFTs for each donor, representing their contribution to specific projects. 

Using NFTs to engage donors by offering exclusive digital collectibles and rewards.

BitBEDR Token

Ensuring the seamless transfer of BitBEDR tokens between donors and the WWP platform. 

Using BitBEDR tokens to incentivize donors and stakeholders through rewards and recognition.

=WWP's integration of these blockchain technologies creates a robust 

and scalable platform that maximizes the impact of every donation.

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