BEDR Service Model 

The purpose of BEDR’s service provision is to ‘maximize users’ investment convenience and profit stability through a decentralized platform that is automatically brokered without external intervention by breaking down the high entry barrier to virtual asset investment.’

① 1-click automated trading service

The 1-Click Automated Trading Service streamlines the virtual asset trading process for users of all expertise levels. Upon registration and API key issuance from major exchanges like Upbit, Bithumb, Binance, and Uniswap, BEDR generates a BEDR Key paired with the user's API key. This BEDR Key acts as a gateway to various DeFi platforms, allowing indirect brokerage connections without the need for additional memberships. Novice users can authorize experts to trade on their behalf, synchronizing investment progress through BEDR Key pairing. The platform expand API integration with other prominent CiFi and DeFi platforms, ensuring users have access to a diverse range of investment opportunities.

Here's how to use One-Click Auto Trading

Novice users who have difficulty trading virtual assets can trade on their behalf by transferring authority to the BEDR Key of an expert.

Investment progress can be synchronized through BEDR Key pairing of the expert's investment portfolio.

The advantage of synchronization is that the expert's investment status and progress log records are transparently open, providing transparency and reliability, and parallel split investment is possible with multiple pairing configurations.

Expert Portfolio Sync Syne multiple expert portfolio splits 

The BEDR platform plans to add API integration with many major CiFi and DeFi platforms, starting with API integration with Korea's major exchanges 'Upbit' and 'Bithumb' and global major exchanges 'Binance' and 'Uniswap'.

② P2P Brokerage Design

Users who want to use virtual asset investment products can use them easily when they lack expert knowledge about the products and have difficulty understanding complex procedures, and can make wise investments with investment experts.BEDR's P2P Brokerage Design caters to users seeking simplified access to various virtual asset investment products.


Users can securely deposit virtual assets for a specified period, earning profits through expert-verified deposit service providers. BEDR conducts thorough safety assessments of these providers to minimize principal loss during currency exchange due to coin price volatility.


The platform guides users in entrusting cryptocurrencies to blockchain networks, receiving interest as compensation. BEDR's consensus algorithm-based coin analysis aids in the informed selection of staking products.


Utilizing assets as collateral, users can borrow additional virtual assets, optimizing fund liquidity without disposing of their assets. BEDR simplifies and specializes information and process services to maximize profits through leverage.

Yield farming

Also called liquidity mining, it involves freezing virtual assets and receiving rewards, which may be quite similar to staking, but there are much more complexities behind it. It primarily works in DeFi where liquidity providers deposit funds into liquidity pools and receive rewards in return.

In the DeFi ecosystem, a service as popular as the lending protocol is the AMM (Automated Market Maker) protocol. You can think of AMM as a decentralized exchange. However, there are some differences in the transaction method from existing centralized exchanges, and it is closer to a bank's currency exchange service. AMM service users can exchange A coins for B coins or vice versa by paying a small fee.

In the AMM protocol, two or more cryptocurrencies are formed into one liquidity pool (LP), and multiple liquidity pools exist.

Some liquidity pools pay rewards in multiple tokens. Afterwards, those reward tokens can be deposited into another liquidity pool to pay out another reward. In other words, when an investor entrusts a cryptocurrency to the platform, a new cryptocurrency whose value is linked to the corresponding collateral is issued, and in this process, its value rises, making it a product that can generate greater profits.

Yield farmers use very complex strategies. They move their cryptocurrency from time to time to various lending markets to maximize their profits.

The BEDR platform analyzes products pursuing the best yield farming strategies and helps generate investment returns with the same portfolio by synchronizing the BEDR Key with investment experts.


The simplest form of a derivatives transaction combines two parties (a buyer and a seller) to exchange contracts to sell or buy an asset at a specific date in the future. There are many different types of derivatives and include futures, forwards, options and swaps.  

The BEDR platform provides hedging brokerage services to minimize virtual asset investment risk losses for expert level users as follows

Leverage (margin trading)

Investors can use leverage to increase profit margins without investing a large amount of money.

Volatility Protection

Since cryptocurrency has high volatility, price volatility can be reduced in the long term by pre-setting the price using derivatives. 

Position hedging

For investors seeking to protect their funds, derivatives serve as an appropriate risk management tool. By considering two-way hedging, investors can recover most of their risk.

③ API Group Investment

The DEBR platform allows investment experts to voluntarily form an investment community and recruit multiple users to conduct group investments.

However, what is different from the existing traditional financial investment community is that the investment experts who are the main members of the community must equally participate in the investment and the investment process is open to everyone.

In addition, group members can withdraw without conditions at any time, but if there is a market profit at the time of withdrawal, a fee equal to the set rate is deducted and sent to the investment expert.

Group Portfolio Sync

Synchronize investment professionals' direct investment portfolios with all members 

④ Vote Verify Game

This is a community where users of the BEDR platform exchange various information such as product information, related news, and investment forecasts, which are important criteria when making virtual asset investment decisions.

Registered investment-related information is synchronized with each other, and all promotional information recommending investment participation is applied to the verification game.

In other words, when you win the verification game, an icon is created that can be paired with the registrant's BEDR Key, and all users who want to participate can synchronize their BEDR Key to proceed with group investment. 

The investment information verification game has the following steps: However, predictions are not included in the verification game, and errors or false information in registration information are verified and voting is conducted.

How to proceed

A. The first registrant stakes a designated token deposit to register investment information.

However, to register investment information, you must be a Prime membership member.

B. When you register investment information, there is a period of verification of the investment information. If there are no disagreements from the verifiers during that period, the investment information is registered normally and a synchronization icon is created.

C. Validators with differing opinions during the investment information verification period will stake a token deposit equal to that of the registrant and vote on the differing opinions. Voters participate in the vote by placing 1% of their registration deposit as a voting deposit..

D. If the dissent verification voting result is judged to be false or error and the verifier wins, 50% of the voting deposit provided by the loser is distributed to the verifier, and the remaining 50% is distributed to the winner in a set ratio, and the registrant's deposit 30% goes to the dissent.  

E. If the result of the disagreement vote ends in the registrant's victory, it is distributed in a set ratio.

The verification game can be upgraded depending on the situation during the platform operation process, and a professionally qualified investment information verification team can be organized and participated to ensure smooth participation in verification voting.

⑤ BEDR Prime Membership

When platform users stake governance tokens, they are eligible for membership for that period. Membership level is determined by governance token staking quantity.

BEDR Prime Membership Service

You will automatically become a member of the Prime membership-only exchange, participate in group investment in the investment information community, and have the right to vote in the investment information verification game.

A membership card that doubles as an electronic wallet is issued, and a secondary portfolio is designed through a meetup with a proven investment creator to form the best investment portfolio.

The membership card will be used to receive various benefits online and offline, such as unmanned crypto banks and cryptocurrency payments at affiliated stores, which will be carried out on the BEDR platform. 

Ultimately, all logs of the investment and flow process on the individual crypto finance platform will be accumulated and matched with investor information to receive robo-advisor management services according to investment propensity.

Through big data and artificial intelligence analysis of each member's DEBR Key, you will receive more advanced intelligent services such as the composition of a personalized investment portfolio, regular investment status, and future investment strategies.

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